Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sunflower Still Life

Sunflower Stil Lillife by Miss Kim
Sunflower Still Life, a photo by Miss Kim on Flickr.
Inspired by Willow at Life at Willow Manor today...

Sunflowers have always been a favourite of mine..

I love their bright exuberance
catching the warm rays of the sun...
eager to spread joy and warmth to all...

their cheerful faces... reminding us to keep on smiling...
their strong stems... so hard to bend... resilient, supportive, and reliable.

Simple petals pointing outward... towards others...
their full centers overflowing with abundance...
more than enough to share with hungry birds.


  1. You captured their beauty perfectly! Diane

  2. Hello Miss Kim,
    I am so thrilled you stopped by my place so I could find you. Your blog is just beautiful. I see that you are another poppie lover. I so enjoyed your photos of them. Your sunflowers are so pretty.

  3. Thank you June for leaving a comment! As you know, they mean so much to a new blogger :))