Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our GCTT Pt 3 - Manitoba

 Winnipeg is loaded with statues and images of Louis Riel, the founder of Manitoba and leader of the Metis people. He led strong resistance movements against the government and the first Prime Minister, Sir John A MacDonald. He fought hard for the rights of the Metis, was arrested, tried and executed, and is often seen as quite a tragic hero.

 An unexpected treat - a stop at Saint Boniface Cathedral! The construction of the original chapel began in 1818 by order of the Bishop Norbert Provencher. A raging fire destroyed much of the cathedral in 1968 and a new one was built behind the 1906 facade. The large stone circle once held a large stained glass window but is now empty.

 Look who is buried on the grounds of Saint Boniface- dear old Louis Riel! I'm still working on this part of my genealogy but I believe I am a distant relative through his grandmother Marguerite Boucher.

  Beautiful details inside the cathedral... an inspiring crucifix...

 stunning stained glass windows... very modern design...

One of the colourful sashes worn by the Metis men around their waist. This useful item could be used as a bandage, washcloth, rope, towel or blanket. Each colour has a special significance, for example the blue and white stands for the Metis flag.

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