Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Great Canadian Train Trip Pt 2 - Winnipeg

We arrived in Winnipeg Manitoba on a rainy Monday morning. We had about 4 hours to discover the city so we decided to take the guided bus tour which was offered to us on the train. The station is quite lovely and has a really impressive beaux-arts rotunda. ViaRail offers some more information on this historic station.

I was transfixed by all the old painted advertisements on the brick buildings of Winnipeg. They're everywhere and it looks like they are probably historically protected (at least I hope so). They're like ancient graffiti that is fading away, and stand out in strong contrast to the surrounding modern architecture .

Another interesting contrast... a Muslim woman wrapped in blue and brown, running down the stairs of the Manitoba legislative building.

I loved the giant painted bears scattered around the city and gathered in this park...

and the beautiful totem poles...

Spotted this little guy who was watching our train just as we departed the station-

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