Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our GCTT Pt 4 - The Prairies

 Oh the Prairies.... the beautiful prairies... 

vast deep blue skies...

 massive farms like I've never seen in Ontario... SO BIG!

 Iconic weathered rich red barns...

Silvery... shiny... silos.
Lined up neatly in orderly rows.

 Churches of unusual shapes and forms... some kind of orthodox? 
Perhaps Ukrainian?

 Another iconic architectural form on the prairie...
 the huge grain elevators built inches away from the train tracks for convenience.
So wonderful to look at and so useful for knowing exactly where you are.

And the water this year! Oh there is just way too much water everywhere across the west. 
Huge tracts of farmland are flooded, made useless for this year's crops.
 In my heart I feel the sadness of the prairie farmer.

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