Monday, July 11, 2011

Our GCTT Pt 8 - White Rock Beach

 Vanda and Lee G peeking through a sculpture!

 A group shot of us on the White Rock Pier: Me, Peter, Vanda, Kevin and Lee.
Such great friends for more than 10 years- we all met in Bucharest, Romania 
and have often found time to travel together and to discover great restaurants!

 Love the old barnacle encrusted pier...

 The "White Rock" of White Rock...
White Rock is named for a distinctive large white boulder on its beach near the promenade, a glacial erratic that migrated south during the last glaciation. The 486-ton granite boulder was kept white by shellfish-eating seabirds whose guano covered the rock, so much so that 19th-century sailors used it as a beacon. However, it is now kept white through frequent applications of white paint by the city parks department, and has been a popular graffiti target for over thirty years. (Wikipedia)

 When the tide is out the beach is very, very muddy so this foot washer is really convenient!

A beautiful mural on the side of Uli's restaurant...

Once again... fish and chips for lunch!
Can you tell that this is possibly my very favourite lunch in the world??
It is.

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