Tuesday, May 8, 2018

You're Driving me Squirrelly!

We have only two types of squirrels in our area around Georgian Bay. These are the Eastern Gray Squirrels in the photo above. One is black and one is gray but they are the same category- the Sciuis Carolinensis. We see these all year round except on winter days of extreme cold. I'm learning to identify ours as individuals since they often have unusual tails or markings. I have one at the moment with virtually no tail.

The little red squirrel is a playful fellow and I often watch him as he runs up and down our large pine trees with pine cones in his mouth. He'll take them up and eats away at them and then drops them all over the driveway, making quite a mess. He's tiny but he's fierce and he's often seen chasing the big guys all around the garden!

This is another habit of the squirrels-- they think they are birds!

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